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Make sure your business has a mobile friendly website that's accessible to the growing number of smart phone and tablet users.With 20 high-street brick and mortar stores across the UK, WED2B needed an online strategy to make the most of their local presence.A Content Management System was implemented to take care of news story editing, and the system makes use of the latest techniques in Word style online editors to give a totally simplistic interface that couldn’t be easier to use.Of course photos can be uploaded and included on the pages too using a seamlessly integrated image manager.Over half of all web traffic starts with a search engine.

Here at digital Scarab; Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, and 3D Printing are our Primary services.

(For example: they might already have a template and need it setting for their business) Please look through our web designs, logos and other graphics, to see what we have done for others.

We offer a complete Bespoke Web design service to our customers, so that you can ensure your web site is unique, tailored to your needs and built for purpose.

We start it with a research on your target market and after clearly clarifying on the key goals of the site.

We then produce a rough draft of the design to show our concept for the site.


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