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It is especially difficult when our children make bad choices, go against what basic guidelines meant to protect them.How should we as Christian parents respond when our children go astray?Saint John Paul II refers to the great dignity and mystery of the design of women as the “feminine genius” (Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women).It’s no coincidence that the creation story in Genesis builds in beauty and is crowned with the creation of Eve.

Yes, Jeff and I warned her repeatedly, but we had guidelines in place that we felt could protect her from herself; we were wrong. Publishing what you did, if she reads it will come across as condemnation of HER.So if you are teaching biblical principles in your home, you are on the right track.Sometimes, though, it can feel likean overwhelming topic to broach.Remembering the unique needs of teenagers in this area can help.According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy, nine out of 10 teens say that they would be more likely to delay sex if their parents would talk to them about it.We may try to act or look a certain way so that our date likes us.


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