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Andy Cohen can now add "dating guru" to his long list of careers.The prolific TV personality is hosting and executive-producing Fox's rebooted version of Love Connection this summer, where Cohen guides strangers through stories of their blind dates in the hopes that, in the end, one couple will decide to make a real go of it.But in one episode, the person seated besides Cohen wasn't a total stranger, but one of Cohen's longtime acquaintances, Real Housewife of New York Ramona Singer."I said to [Fox], I go, 'Can we just have one Housewife on? "And so we grabbed Ramona and we set her up with a former firefighter, a guy who's a punching champion of California.There are some funny dates."Add Boy Band to your Watchlist now!Sochenda works a series of part-time supermarket jobs to pay for the necessities and accessories of teen life — while his mother bemoans his poor school performance.

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The doggie was very starved, and kept falling over due to a misaligned disc in his neck.

Samnang feels pressured to achieve to make up for his two older brothers dropping out of high school after involvement with gangs and drugs.

Linda loves dating boys and racing her car despite what it means for her family’s reputation.

Traditional dance links them to their parents’ culture, but fast cars, new romance, and hip consumerism pull harder.

Gradually coming to appreciate their parents’ sacrifices, the three teens find a balance between their parents’ dreams and their own.


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