Soko and matthew gray gubler dating

#68kill is a movie about the worst night of Chip Taylor's life.if you are coming to one of the saturday night screenings/Q&A at @ifccenter come dressed like it's THE WORST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. midnight screening and Q&A just added by popular demand.Spencer Reid in the CBS television show Criminal Minds (2005–present), of which he has also directed ten episodes.

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Gubler’s next public relationship was with actress Kat Dennings in 2007.

it was a dream to share #68kill in the exact theatre that immortalized the rocky horror picture show, eraserhead, and night of the living dead, but the real dream was sharing the night with YOU!

p.s that's not a nude body suit i'm wearing, i'm naked and have a skin condition #68kill opens today.

In 2002, Gray certified with a major in film directing. Matthew portrayed the role of Paul in the 2009 film, 500 Days of Summer. Knowing his personal life, Matthew Gray’s current marital status is unmarried. Gubler hooked up with Portuguese actress Marisa Morris in 2008.

Gray had a small role in the film The Life Aquatic. Gray voices The Riddler in the animated film: Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014). They went out for under two years before they decided to go separate ways in 2010.


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