Updating outlook 2016 to 2016

In the old strategy, these features were held back for the new version.

Office 2016 will get the same treatment so future updates can introduce new features as well.

Hi, the configuration change you propose is not a fix for the bug.

Calendar preview in meeting requests When you view a meeting invitation, Outlook automatically displays your calendar alongside the body of the message.

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The Office 2016 upgrade is probably one of the cleanest upgrades ever, removing previous versions of Office completely.Please refer your vendors website for disabling it temporarily. Once installation is done you can activate it again. But, after installation, there’s a bug in Outlook 2016 for IMAP email accounts where you cannot delete emails from the Inbox, and the bug happens to be because of a configuration in the email account’s Advanced settings.What worked before doesn’t work now and you’ll need to make a slight modification to get the IMAP account working correctly.Most of them might not have been directly noticeable to everyone as they were either small, very specific to a certain working scenario or had to do with how Office works “underneath”.


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