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Graduated from the University of Houston in 2007 with a BBA in Finance and Economics. Works as a Realtor for Royal Lepage in London, Ontario.Ventured off in 2009 and bought into a franchise called “College Hunks Hauling Junk” which is pretty self-explanatory. Facebook – Corey Stansell Linked In – Corey Stansell And yes, Corey even took to Facebook last night to tell everyone he’ll be gone and is deactivating his account. ________________________________________________________ 4. Single father to daughter Natalia, who lives with her mother, Christine Goertz in Sault Ste. Has completed pilot training and just needs to finish putting in his flight hours before he gets his license. Father is a prominent plastic surgeon in the London, Ontario area for the last 20 years. Currently owns Equestrian Sotheby’s Realty with his ex-girlfriend, Casey Flannery. University with a double major in Finance and Real Estate and got a Master’s in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Dated former “Amazing Race” contestant and former Dolphins cheerleader and Playboy model, Jamie Edmonson back in the day. Facebook – Ryan Beckett Twitter – @Ryan SBeckett (following no one from Bachelor Nation, but a few Playboy accounts. ) Instagram: sailingguy33 (As of Sunday, it was “beckettnole,” but he changed it yesterday 3/9 and set it to private) Linked In – Ryan Beckett Website – Once did a coast-to-coast bike ride in 2010 for Nashville flood victims. Played lacrosse at FSU, competed in a triathlon, is a vegan and a dog lover. Currently working on a clothing line that you can see on his website,

Now we know that the menisci contribute to a healthy knee because they play important roles in joint stability, force transmission, and lubrication. There are even experimental attempts to replace a damaged meniscus, possibly an important advance in orthopaedic medicine.Acute tears are often sports related and usually the result of a twisting injury in the younger, active adult population.Symptoms of an acute tear are usually pain, swelling, and movement irregularities.Facebook – Shawn Evans (turned off as of 3/9) Twitter – @Make It Evans (set to private as of 3/7) Instagram – makeitevans (set to private as of 3/7) Website – is the FB post that Shawn left this past Friday 3/6 before his going away party to inform every one of his friends he’s leaving to do something VERY important, but can’t say anything. Graduated from University of Kansas in 2010 with a degree in Sports Management.Even though he did his damndest to make sure he hinted as much as he could as to what it was: ________________________________________________________ 5. Also worked as an assistant to the D-coordinator for the KU football team during his time at the school. Was born a triplet with sister Mickie and brother Casey and they have a younger sister Wendy. Attended University of Miami-OH majoring in Architecture.He's sweating profusely in the muggy, almost unbearable climate (though to be fair, it's nothing like what we've witnessed from Josh Murray).


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