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Tatsuya had argued against the decision, stating that she was less likely to open up to him and that anything he said would result in her either slapping him, kicking him or storming out.

The other three disagreed, plus he had lost the most rounds so it was fair.

My Jet/Albert essay for the Live Journal community ship_manifesto. WARNING: Journal Fen is an 18 site, and therefore will contain material meant strictly for 18 reader. [spoilers for the crossover with Wild Force, Katie X Trip, Danny X Max hints, sequel to 'Starlight', 'Candlelight', and 'Waning Light'][Bioman] When Shiro and Shingo still won't admit their feelings for each other, it's up to Ryuuta and the Bio Girls to take matters into their own hands.

My Katie/Trip essay for the Live Journal community ship_manifesto My Domon/Sion essay for the Live Journal community ship_manifesto My Max/Danny essay for the Live Journal community ship_manifesto. Takes place post series' spoilers apply [Shingo X Shiro][Dekaranger] It's too early for thinking, but somehow the fact that Hoji is spending more time to pour the milk for breakfast than any living being should manages to penetrate Ban's still foggy brain.

Grabbing his poor, dying phone, Yuuri stared at the game page.

It was rare for even a teacher to be chatting about a dating sim game, after all.

She was always focused and serious, committed to her job. The four boys knew of her history, why she rarely showed any emotion, why she rarely smiled and they understood why.

But seriously: I go to school, I baby-sit, and I write. As for pairings, I ship het, slash, and femme slash, how weird is that?! ; Obviously, Katie/Trip, hints of Wes/Jen and Max/Danny at certain points. Katie has to face what all nearly fic authors have to at some point: the significant other reading your fic. Unfortunately, someone is plotting to use one of them for his own schemes. [Domon X Sion at certain parts, all canon pairings, spoilers for the series and 'Children of Tomorrow'][Timeranger] Domon liked the other three. It lingers until just the right time, then it comes back full swing. Takes place after my fic 'The Changed Tomorrow', spoilers apply there as well][Bioman] After losing a teammate, Shingo begins to wonder what he would do if any of his teammates fell in battle... [spoilers for up to episode 11, Shingo X Ryuuta, pre slash][Timeranger] Kijima Daichi is used to letting fate make its decisions for him.

This was originally supposed to just be a friendship story, but ended up turning into what it did. The boys often wondered if she actually knew how to smile, but there had been brief, fleeting moments were she stiff, cold exterior had crumbled for a moment, her mask slipping and showing a smile of true happiness. However, as the months went on and they continued to know more about each other, their bonds of friendship forming, the boys had found that her exterior was increasingly slipping.

Disclaimer: I don't own Mirai Sentai Timeranger or any of the characters. There were times when they, individually, caught her with a small smile on her lips. The boys were intrigued by this, wondering what could make someone like her lower her walls slightly to portray an emotion that wasn't anger or frustration.

My Insasne Journal/mirror blog Cyborg 009 fan fiction. and make them the way they were meant to be [post series, spoilers apply, Domon X Sion...

Theme challenge community for tokusastsu Shoujo-ai and female characters in general for Super Sentai What NOT to do when you're writing a Cyborg 009 fic, by yours truly. My Ban/Hoji essay for the Live Journal community ship_manifesto. A lot of fan fics also forget that Danny had four friends who would've gladly looked after her. sort of][PRTF] Sometimes, if you want something, you really do have to throw caution to the wind.


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